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Volunteer Blog First Post 

Thursday, December 27, 2012 6:34:00 PM

If you are a volunteer or interested in becoming a volunteer please share your thoughts or questions below! As an equine rescue/sanctuary we are the front lines of a national crisis Working with people and horses in stressful circumstances requires a special mindfulness and ability to put the needs of the horses or issues dealt with first and foremost. We are not a riding or boarding stable and we do not have accomadations to cater to individuals seeking to be with the horses in this way. Working on the farm is hard work, emotionally challenging, as there can be extreme highs and lows. 

You must be self motivated and able to work with others easily. You must also have a certain degree of physical health as handling 2000lb (on average) horses regularly will require stamina and strength. There are opportunities for grooming and general health care for the horses but you must have a basic knowledge of how to halter and tie a horse safely. These are a few of the basic requirements to think about when considering joining us on the farm. 

For any questions or inquiries please share below...we will be happy to help best as we can!

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