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Viridian Energy is a socially responsible company providing greener electricity at an affordable price. When you sign up you are helping Blue Star Equiculture. Sign up takes only a few minutes, it's easy! Just have your current electric bill in front of you before starting.  
Use the "Become A Customer' link below, Viridian is available in MA, CT, NY, NJ, PA, DC, VA, MD, & IL. 
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To become a Viridian Associate CLICK HERE...  or call me if you have any questions: 207-468-0495
Viridian Residual Funding Program Viridian Residual Funding Program for 501c3 Nonprofits
Contact Paul Moshimer - Blue Star Equiculture:
Hear About Signing Up For Viridian From Viridian's CEO, Michael Fallquist
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Viridian - Go Green and Help Blue Star Equiculture's Horses

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