Viridian For Other Nonprofits

Welcome to the Viridian website for nonprofits. We at Blue Star Equiculture would like to sponsor your nonprofit(501c3) and help you fundraise. We will train your volunteers or staff how to raise residual funds for your nonprofit. All this at no cost to the nonprofit. Contact me via the contact form below or call me, Paul Moshimer at 207-468-0495 to get started. All you need to do is provide us with your nonprofit business address, a contact name, your EIN #. 

Tell us about a nonprofit you think would like to know more about Viridian...Click here...

To learn more about the Viridian Residual Funding Program review the website below and Download the Viridian Nonprofit Video

Thanks, Blue Star Equiculture

Viridian For Other Nonprofits

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