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Peggy was the winner with 34 cards Dakota 3, Tom 5, Mark 3, Kelly 3, Scout 8, Snowman 5, Iceman 3, Jesse 3, Mikey 5, Huey 1, Daisy 1, West 2, Crip 2, TLA 1, Hope 1, Tony B 3, Tom Too 6, Pumpkin 17, Goats 2, Pete 6, Chyna 6, Bud 3, Sabra 1, Cupcake 5, Tristan 4, Crip 2, Maddie 3, Zookie 3,  and Cocoa 7

THANKS to all for your contribution!!!

Valentine's Day Cards For The Horses

Won't You Be My Valentine?

Tony B ValentineValentine's Day is coming up!  Won't you be Tony B.'s valentine?  Or maybe your heart belongs to Mike or Dakota or Peggy...

The Blue Star horses are eagerly awaiting Valentine's Day cards in the mail.  They LOVE getting mail.  Just buy a Valentine's Day card, put a small donation** in it ($1 or $5 to buy some Valentine's treats), and mail it to:

[Name of Horse]
c/o Blue Star Equiculture
PO Box 7
Bondsville, MA 01009


 We'll put all the cards up in the barn and take a picture when they've all come in.  We'll see which horse is our resident heartthrob and gets the most Valentines!

If you'd like to be someone's Valentine all year long, sponsoring is a wonderful way to support your favorite horse.

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