Tom Too's Amazing Story

Tom TooTom Too is one of our best ambassadors for working horses on the farm. He LOVES to work and he LOVES children, which makes him especially endearing. We believe that it was the children that brought him out of his serious depression he was in in his first months on the farm. You will see lots of pics of Tom Too giving hugs to his kids. He curls his immense neck around their bodies and holds them close. Once you meet Tom Too you will feel a special connection to not only him but to all hard working horses that live to work! Read his amazing results so far on the StemEquine. If you have a draft with this issues please do them a favor and get them this will change their life as well as yours as you won't have to worry about the awful debilitating disease anymore.

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Tom Too's Amazing Story

Tom Too is a retired competitive pulling horse. He foundered in his front right foot however, and the strain of pulling on his front feet caused his sole to drop and his coffin bone to rotate dangerously close to puncturing the bottom of his hoof. His owners, though, wanted to compete with the other half of his team, but could only keep two horses, Tom Too’s teammate and his replacement, so they surrendered him to Blue Star in the hopes that we could heal his foundered foot and find him a new home with a new career. Tom Too’s foot is on the mend – it needs to grow out and has been growing nicely, in addition to corrective shoeing – and he has found his career as official spokeshorse for Blue Star Equiculture. He is far and away the largest horse we have on the farm, measuring at 19.2 hands high. He is also the heaviest. Tom Too is Tom Too because Tom from Philadelphia was already here. Tom Too is not second best, so he is not Tom II, but also Tom. Tom Too. Tom Too is easily picked out of the herd from his large size and the “divot” in his neck near the withers from an old injury from a collar.

In our time getting to know to know TOm Too we discoverd that he suffers from EPSM this is terrible debilitating wasting disease. WE decided to put Tom Tom on the StemEquine supplement and just like what happened for Duke, Tom has made an amazing turn around. He is now very comfortable and hardly ever gets his shivers/stringhalt and he is gaining weight. He is continuing on with the study so we will see just how much this supplement can restore his health. This is very exciting news for our Tom Too as he is a young horse with a whole life ahead of him. He LOVES to work and with this support he is able to do light farm work and give wagon rides now. He is completely sound on his damaged foot and it is growing out even faster with the help of the supplement.

Stay tuned for more updates on his recovery with this amazing supplement!

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