The Team

Pamela Rickenbach, Executive Director:

I had the good fortune to spend a great deal of my life in the Bolivian Amazon, along with time in the Peruvian and Bolivian Andes. My life in South America with the people and the earth greatly shaped me into the person I am today. I care deeply about Mother Earth and my human family. I have come to understand Horses as ancient helpers to humankind. Their great sensitivity and adaptability make them perfect partners in self discovery and personal growth too.

The years I drove as carriage driver and tour guide in the National Park in Philadelphia are some of my happiest. Not only did I fall in love with this country through learning the details of the founding of our country, I fell more deeply in love with the horses and their role in helping humanity. Everywhere you go in early America, their hoof prints are right alongside us. Their stories are woven together with ours, creating a shared tapestry of hard work, inspiration and love.

My relationship with the horses in Philadelphia was life-changing. It was extraordinary to work day in and day out with an equine partner in one of the most historic cities in the world, a city built with horses. The stable I worked at, 76 Carriage Co, was home to an urban herd of happy, well adjusted, contented horses with something to do and someone to do it with.

One of the horses in the 76 Carriage Co. stable with whom many of us learned and loved so much developed a chronic health issue. That is when I felt inspired to create something useful for the retired and working horses in need of a place of their own. I approached a couple of friends with this idea and together we established Blue Star Equiculture. BSE has since grown into a wonderful and important mission making a real difference for working horses in need. It is truly a collective work of gratitude and love. Many have come and gone and offered what they could to the mission and the farm for the love of the horses living here, all left something special for BSE to build on.

My role is to facilitate an opportunity for folks to get to know the working horses better. Everyday our network and circle grows, connecting working horse people with people who have a sincere desire to understand and learn more about contributions that horses have made and can still make in our lives.

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Zoe Milos:

Zoe Milos has spent a lot of years on the farm making her one of the most experienced farm managers here! Zoe is studying massage therapy for humans but keeping herself strong working and caring for the horses on the farm. Zoe works alongside Emma and Brittany as a full time caretaker of our herd of retired, disabled and working horses. More and more Zoe is finding a way to make a life that includes the horses and the gardening and caregiving she loves. Zoes passions are permaculture gardening, farming, yoga, massage and traveling. We are always happy to have her with us and appreciate the professional skill and amazing work ethic she has!

Emma Rickenbach:

Emma came to Blue Star in the early summer in 2016 and volunteered for several months learning everything she could about equine husbandry. These days Emma works along with Zoe and Brittany as a barn manager, everyday helping to care for the whole herd. Emma also shares her great artistic ability with the world through her video compilations. Emma has committed to the farm for the foreseeable future as she continues to grow and learn and develop the skills she needs to be useful to the ones she loves most, the elderly horses and humans. Emma has many years experience caregiving to the elderly, including her late grandfather. His influence on her helps her appreciate the shared history we have with our ancestors and our horses. Look for great things as Emma envisions and manifests her own way to be of use in the world to the things she loves! Horses, Humans and the Mother Earth.

Cassieandra Weglarz:

Cassie stopped by the farm last summer looking to adopt an equine friend in the wake of losing her beloved Arabian mare, her lifelong friend and teacher and amazing partner in competitions in shows on all levels. Cassie is a lifelong horse woman and high level rider and trainer of different styles of riding.

Little could she know her whole world would shift in such a tremendous draft sized way! Fast forward to these days and Cassie is the proud owner of four of our retired working horses. Retired NYC carriage horse Tucker, former farm horses Sophee and Wyatt and former logging horse Arthur. All live and are loved under her amazing and generous care and couldn't be happier.

Cassie is also a successful and professional business woman too, self employed and highly motivated and inspired to do great things for the horses she has grown to love and admire so much, the retired, disabled and homeless working horses.

Cassie runs our E-bay site and is also the Barn Project Manager. She will be holding weekly craft markets on the farm starting in the late Spring. Everything she brings to the farm in ideas or in her coaching of our young riders are so deeply appreciated by the horses and humans that have grown to love her right back!

Lena Pasquini: