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The Learning CurveWelcome to Day I of our journey into the realm of the horse They have been mankinds companions and partners in building the world as we know it. In an attempt to remind everyone that we are ALL horse people we made this commitment to see what we could learn about them in a year. Day by day delving into their mysterious and amazing world and discovering the ways we are related. This is an exciting journey and everyone is welcome to join in. We all have horse stories and miracles to share and this is the space and time to do it. I hope these pages reach far and wide, across the globe and that the global horse people share and help each other learn about the horse and also about ourselves. You are welcome to make commentary at the bottom of the blog, you are also welcome to submit what you want to share on the specially designed form below. I am so looking forward to "meeting" all of our fellow horse lovin travelers on this awesome journey!

The Learning Curve Daily Blog

Money Matters ..."How in the world does BSE do what it does?" 

Posted by Pamela Wednesday, October 31, 2012 11:53:00 AM
In response to an inquiry from a friend, who feels overwhelmed when she thinks of our costs, we are providing perhaps a different look at how BSE operates. Most know about the work we do for horses, humans and mother earth, which basically looks ... read more

The Learning Curve #140 Laura Maynard Grant and what she has learned from horses... 

Posted by Pamela Saturday, October 27, 2012 10:04:00 PM
Tonight's entry from Laura is more of a complete circle than a Learning Curve....Laura has been volunteering with us now for some time and everytime I am with her or speak with her I get the feeling that I am dealing with someone that is very... read more

The Learning Curve #139 Jim Cosenza and his interpretation of horse evolution. 

Posted by Pamela Wednesday, October 24, 2012 4:21:00 PM
    In a quest to place the horse along side humans like they were almost 6000 years ago, I try to learn something new everyday even if it is a small something..... I feel it makes the quest easier to know the horse...   Horses by... read more

The Learning Curve #138 Jim Cosenza and what he has learned about the mysterious flags flying all around the farm. Great One Jim! 

Posted by Pamela Tuesday, October 16, 2012 3:21:00 PM
Hi guys, I don’t know if you are all aware but, I have been spending a lot of time around Blue Star Equiculture these days ":)" and I have been drawn to research an item I see hanging around the farm in strategic locations. I find my self every... read more

The Learning Curve #137 Nicole Birkholzer and Pamela Rickenbach share a story of the experience had in coming to terms with the utter force of nature that is the Horse. 

Posted by Pamela Monday, October 15, 2012 9:19:00 PM
This story was written last year by both Nicole and I in response to our desire to want to communicate the impact horses were and are having in shaping our lives. It is really a stream of consciousness writing. It could probably be perfected and... read more

The Learning Curve #136 Amy Farber Shumway...long time supporter of BSE and what she has learned from her draft cross Roscoe. 

Posted by Pamela Monday, October 15, 2012 6:59:00 AM
Our old friend Amy wanted to share her experience with her horse Roscoe. When Amy shows up to work with a horse it is with total openness and curiosity. She is a great friend to our Huey Khan, having worked on his rehabilitation for a couple of... read more

The Learning Curve #135 Tashia one of BSE's longest and youngest Volunteers and what she has learned. 

Posted by Pamela Saturday, October 13, 2012 9:40:00 PM
When we first met Tashia she arrived with her pink boots and long pony tails and her big cowboy hat. As a homeschooled child in a large family she knew how to take the best advantage of a learning situation. She has become an amazing young woman who ... read more

The Learning Curve #135 Some Trivia via Jim C. and some added notes from friends Sandy Fobb and Altieri Farinoli!  

Posted by Pamela Friday, October 12, 2012 8:52:00 PM
Horse Facts & Trivia #4 from Jim Cosenza.   A how to... horses Vital Signs:   Taking a temperature on a horse The most accurate method of checking a horse's temperature is rectally. You should keep a plastic, digital thermometer in your... read more

The Learning Curve #134 Melissa Tokus: What I have learned about horses... 

Posted by Pamela Thursday, October 11, 2012 9:21:00 PM
We first met Melissa over a year ago when she adopted our Dawson....she re-named her Penelope. Melissa would check in every once in a while and give us the updates on Penelope...(she the mare that our Maddy is coming out of the water in our slide... read more

The Learning Curve #133 Karen Keirstand- Some profound thoughts on what she has learned from horses. 

Posted by Pamela Wednesday, October 10, 2012 8:16:00 PM
Learning Curve – BSE I am very new to the horse human relationship.  In fact it has only been two years for me; two wonderful years that has made a huge difference in how I look at the world.  I’ve been an animal lover all my life but when I... read more
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The Learning Curve Submissions

Below is a form for you to submit your contribution to "The Learning Curve"  In addition to the copy you are welcome to share a video (link to you tube) or upload photos. We invite suggestions of all kinds as long they are related to our beloved equine friends and topics related to learning more about them. 

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