Come See Us At The Big E September 14 - 30, 2012

we are coming to the Big E 
Blue Star Equiculture is bringing five of their enormous draft horses to the Eastern States Exposition in Springfield from September 14th to September 30th, 2012. These amazing horses each weigh over 2000 pounds and stand over six feet tall at the shoulder! They will be participating in the daily parade and will also be available for photo opportunities with visitors at the Blue Star booth on the rear lawn of the Massachusetts Building. The star of the show is Magic, a former Budweiser Clydesdale who came to live at the Blue Star sanctuary in March this year. Blue Star participates at the Big E to reconnect people with these magnificent creatures and to help raise the funds necessary to support Blue Star’s mission to help horses, humans and Mother Earth.
At its booth on the rear lawn of the Massachusetts Building, Blue Star Equiculture will be featuring several activities aimed at educating visitors about Blue Star’s mission, encouraging the community to interact with the magnificent horses and offering several ways for people to help support the Blue Star herd and improve the environment. Highlights include:.

• Free Photo With One of Our Big Horses!
• Free Scented Candles and T-shirts with Contribution
• Go Green and Save Money!
• Join the Blue Star Herd!
• Win Prizes Daily!

Free Gifts
Any visitor who makes a $15 donation to support the horses receives their choice of a candle, T-shirt or “Share The Road” sign as a premium for their contribution.

Scented CandlesCandles
A choice of scented candles that each last over 100 hours, including a cupcake-scented version that honors Cupcake, the spirited miniature horse who is the herd master of the Blue Star herd. 

Going green takes real horsepower t-shirt
High quality T-shirts with a picture of a Blue Star team plowing a field at the farm in Palmer. Featuring the slogan “Going Green Takes Real Horsepower!”, the shirt highlights Blue Star’s efforts to teach the community to use draft horses as a sustainable, eco-friendly source of power.

Take a photo with one of our big horses...

Photos at the Big E
Visitors to the Blue Star Equiculture booth will have the opportunity to meet and have their picture taken with one of the five incredible horses we are bringing to the Big E. The star of the show is Magic, a 10 year old former Budweiser Clydesdale born at their St. Louis barn. Because Magic has three white but one black-feathered leg, he was not allowed to join the famous Budweiser hitch. As a result, he was placed at the Phoenix Zoo where he would meet visitors and give carriage rides around the park. One of his most famous passengers was Muhammad Ali. Magic needed to be retired to a sanctuary when he was diagnosed with Equine Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy (EPSM), a “wasting” disease causing severe muscle atrophy over time. There are no known western medicine cures, just management to slow the degradation. Blue Star Equiculture has become rather well known for dealing with this disorder, treating it with acupuncture, diet, exercise, massage and a special supplement that triggers the growth of stem cells, called Stemequine. After a nationwide search, the Phoenix Zoo discovered Blue Star Equiculture and requested that Magic come live with us. He arrived in March, 2012. Magic loves meeting people, and we love sharing him with the communities that surround us. At the Big E, he photo with Magic or one of his new best friends (several of whom are even bigger than he is!) is free…but any donations to help support the horses’ care will be welcomed.
Read about these guys: MagicRe-mixPiperMark and Mike

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Live From The Big E

On the back lawn of the Massachusetts building

Big E booth
We will be there 9am - 9pm for all 17 days, look for us in this cool sunroom.

Fun at The Big E

By signing up on the Blue Star mailing list and watching a short video about either the “Join The Herd” program or Viridian Green Energy, visitors will be entered into a raffle for a chance to ride on the Blue Star hitch wagon in the daily Big E parade and win a free candle or T-shirt. Everyone who enters will also be eligible for exciting Grand Prizes that will be awarded on the final day of the fair.
Going Green Takes Real Horsepower
The New BSE T-Shirts

The Blue Star Equiculture Hitch Wagon
Win A Ride in The Big E Parade

Picnic by the river at Blue Star Equiculture
Win a picnic and hayride for 10 people at the Blue Star Equiculture farm in Palmer on a date of their choosing

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