Viridian FAQs

What is required for a customer to sign-up for Viridian?

Tell us about electricity deregulation. What’s going on? What’s changed? What does it mean for consumers in Massachusetts? Why should they care?

How many states have approved deregulation? Are consumers in those states aware they have a voice and a choice regarding their energy supplier?

Tell us about your background. Where does your interest in green energy come from? What was the opportunity you saw that led you to create Viridian?

Tell us about Viridian When did you start the company? Where are you headquartered? Where are you in business?

There are many new third-party energy providers that have come into this space…many choices for consumers. What makes Viridian unique? How are you different from your competition?

What products do you offer and why?

What are the sources of green energy?

Almost everyone says they want to go green, but in almost every case, our experience has been that green alternatives cost more. With Viridian’s offering, you get to pick a greener energy supply and save money over time. How is that possible?

Is Viridian helping local economies?

Tell us about the Massachusettes launch.

Is Virdian available everywhere in Massachusetts?

Can you talk about Viridian's product offerings to commercial customers?

In your materials, you say “this is not just about positive environmental impact, it also has the potential to be a major driver of the renewable industry’s development.”  How does that work?

This proposition of going green while saving money almost seems too good to be true. Most of our audience isn’t familiar with Viridian. No offense intended, but how do they know they can believe you?

Does switching one home’s electricity source really make a significant difference to the environment?

I want to ask Michael about Viridian’s marketing strategy. Viridian doesn’t use much advertising to build its business. Instead, you use what you describe as network marketing or relationship marketing with your messages being delivered by independent associates to their families and friends. Can you tell us why you chose that model…and how it works?

Jenna Marzullo was the very first independent Viridian Associate. She has been with the company from the beginning, and is uniquely suited to tell us about the Associates program. As I understand it, the program represents an interesting way for people to earn money while spreading the word about Viridian and helping green the grid. Jenna, please tell us how the program works…why it appealed to you and what your experience has been with it.

Viridian also has a unique Residual Fundraising Program that helps support non-profits. David Milos is the Business Director at Blue Star Equiculture, a working horse sanctuary and organic farm in Palmer, Massachusetts. Blue Star has recently become an independent associate of Viridian in order to help raise the funds necessary to pursue their mission. David, please tell our viewers about Blue Star’s mission and how the Viridian Residual Funding Program works to help you meet your goals.

As we conclude our conversation, I want to return to Michael for a final comment. Michael, what is your long-term vision for Viridian? It seems to be broader than simply providing a greener alternative for energy supply
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