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Shelley Olson's Bio




I can remember at a very early age loving animals. My dad was very much like me and his love of animals was a constant reminder of how respectful we need to be of them.  Every Christmas as a child, I would put a horse on my Xmas list, like the average person might put a million dollars. I never dreamed it would come true- but it did. At age 14, I did get my own horse- a beautiful Palomino called Trixie. She soon became lame, so my parents traded her in for a different horse I named Misty. My greatest pleasure was to clean her stall, feed and water, and make sure she was tucked in at night. Through the course of my life I have had dogs, fish, guinea pigs, turtle,2 black angus, and cats.  I believe that truly through your lifetime, animals bring out the best in people by giving such tremendous friendship and love. I have adopted 3 elderly horses from Blue Star, 2 of which have passed on last year.

 I went to college after high school to Western Connecticut State for 2 years, then got married and raised my family. At age 30, I returned to college to get my degree in accounting- I love detail and enjoy working with numbers. I worked for several different companies before realizing there was a great need for small business accounting. I ventured on my own , and work for several small businesses every week. I have , in the past few years, narrowed my clients to 5 per week plus 3 consulting monthly to have more time to myself. I have 2 sons and 3 grandsons (Yes! All boys.) I live in Monson,MA with my husband , my 2 cats Sasha and Sabrina, and 4 horses.

 I have been involved with FIDELCO (the seeing eye dogs) for several years in their fundraising. It is so amazing to see an animal become the eyes of a human. I hope someday when I am not working, to become a foster mom to a Fidelco puppy and train one.

I wholeheartedly feel my mission is to be a voice for animals. I will continue to speak for them. I am so proud to be a part of Blue Star and the magical aura surrounding the horses. It is amazing to see them thrive in an environment that is safe, secure, loving and peaceful. We need to work towards helping all animals feel safe in their world and ours, for they have no voice…



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