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This past year we have been able to Share our Message about Sharing the Road with our horses everywhere! We have officially joined forces with the Horse and Carriage Association of New York City and CONA (Carriage Operators of North America) in bringing this message to a wider audience. 

The city of Holyoke, Ma has approved Share the Road signage throughout the city! We hope to partner with more cities and towns this coming year to remind our communities of this important issue for horses and humans everywhere! 

This campaign is a simple reminder of laws that already exist protecting our working horses and private equestrians on the public roadways. These laws are in practically every city and town and village in America. This is not a campaign to create new laws and regulations but to simply obey the laws that exist. 

The “Share the Road” program envisions reminding the public of the importance of safety of horses on roads, which will benefit recreational riders and drivers, commercial carriage drivers, farmers who must use the roads to access their fields with their horses, and the public at large.

Horsepeople are finding it ever more difficult to access horse trails without utilizing roadways for at least part of the ride. 

By facilitating the presence of horses in developed areas (and on the road), we reconnect the public with horses. There is plenty of room for horses in our society—they have been with us always—but the long-term sustainability of equestrianism requires rethinking horses’ relationship to development to imagine an “urban renewal” of horses. 

Responsibly reintroducing horses to the roads and to developed areas builds community cooperation in conservation efforts and equestrian issues.

"The way forward is sometimes found by looking backward." Let's stop our busy, speeding lives for a moment, allow the horses our society so hastily and mistakenly left behind to catch up and walk by our side, and, in partnership, share life's road together.

You can learn more about the NYC carriage horses and their history and their contribution to one of the greatest cities on earth here!

To learn more about CONA please check out this page and become a member along with hundreds of urban and country drivers working to uphold high standards in the care and welfare of working horses throughout North America!

Join us! 


Pamela Rickenbach
Executive Director
Blue Star Equiculture
(413) 289-9787

Join us!

 — at Blue Star Equiculture.


Share the Road 2013

This 24" x 24" sign is BIG and beautiful. It is made with heavy, durable plastic. It is goldenrod color.Share The Road Sign

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Posted by Pamela Friday, April 20, 2012 11:46:00 AM

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