Restore the Bond, Re-awaken the Imagination

Restore the Bond, Re-awaken the Imagination

Everywhere around the world, all peoples and cultures express their gratitude for this ancient partnership in their creation stories and myths. The Blue Horse story is just one shared on the BSE farm from a Kallawaya Elder, Don Valerio Cohailla, from high in the Andes in Peru. He spoke of the horses as "angel helpers" who want to be alongside mankind to help them reach their destiny of creating "Peace on Earth" promised in all of the religions of the world. 

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This past summer after attending Chief Arvol Looking Horse's 19th World Peace and Prayer Day with eight of the BSE horses we came home with a renewed understanding of the deep significance of humanity's ancient bond with the horses. The Lakota people are known as the Horse People as much as they are the Buffalo People and they too honor this relationship and ask for the horses help in bringing healing and reconciliation with their sacred rides during the winter memorializing the forced relocations and massacres of their people. Holy Man Black Elk said the massacre at Wounded Knee broke the Sacred Hoop of Life in which we are all connected. Arvol works tirelessly with his horses to restore the Sacred Hoop of Life in which we are all connected. At BSE we honor and support Arvol's work with his horses in honor of his adopted son, Pezi Hota Hokshina (Caton Zephier), Caton worked on the BSE farm helping horses, humans and mother earth. Caton passed away in Feb. 2012 tragically. So much of our work today is in his name to honor the love and devotion he had for horses everywhere. 

Explaining this connection and what it means is, in our opinion, almost futile. You cannot adequately explain something that must be experienced. We can say what we know to be true. Horses are our ancient partners. They are a 55 million year old creature designed and refined by Mother Nature for survival. Having survived countless cataclysmic earth changes with greater sensitivity and by partnering with mankind they are the perfect embodiment of pure grace and beauty, openness and authentic power. They are good medicine for mankind in that they develop qualities in us that help us realize our true destiny as good leaders and caretakers of our beloved planet. Their survival with increased sensitivity as opposed to hardness is a profound lesson for us all. 

You do not have to own a horse or even understand them to know that they are an intricate part of a delicate system that is threatened by the devastating disconnect humanity has to the planet earth. By honoring them as the "angel helpers" they are we open ourselves to their mysterious and incredible gifts that can be felt in our hearts. They are all around us in stories, in art, in architecture in our designs yet they as a creature on our planet are more and more marginalized and misunderstood and in danger of horrendous suffering. 

Restoring our Bond to them and by using our imaginations we can free ourselves to see the world again in a new way. There is a beautiful way forward with their help, without them, an essential piece of who we are, all of mankind, will be lost. They have made us who we are as much as we have made them who they are. 

Help restore this bond. For our future generations and in gratitude for all the horses have been, still are and can be alongside us into the noble and more beautiful world we are destined to share together, if we choose too. 

You have your imagination and therefore your freedom to dream a better way forward for all our relations. With the Horses help there is nothing you cannot achieve, they can help carry you there, metaphorically and/or in reality and they are waiting to do so. 

This art is a co-collaboration of Pamela Rickenbach and Maria Wulf, it is our gift to the Horses, Humans and Mother Earth we cherish. 

We cannot measure the material value of this work but we want it to bring abundance to the Horses it was created for. The cost of making the blankets is $20, we have added $1 for each horse on the BSE farm, therefore it costs $52. !00% of the money belongs to the Horses and to efforts everywhere to Restore the Bond. We will use this design to help support Arvol's work with his horses and we will use it to help Support Working Horses everywhere under threat from a severe and disconnected misunderstanding of the Horse and Human Bond. 

We know this art will bring amazing gifts to anyone that owns one. As a kind of lucky charm, it is potent and it is charged with a love and gratitude that has given us more than we dreamed possible for ourselves. It is our gift of gratitude to the Horses with the hopes that it helps brings them what they need to stand proudly alongside us, where they belong. 

They are a perfect gift for anyone, your home or as wall hanging. The colors and symbols used are vibrant and alive and the Butterflies surrounding the image awaken our imagination and set us free to experience this connection in our own personal way!


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Read the Jon Katz essay from his blog regarding his partner Maria Wulf's creation:

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