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Resident Horses

Please check in with us at for updated information on all of our horses. 

Blue Star Equiculture is the permanent sanctuary home for many work horses. We are a retirement venue for the New York City Carriage Horses, and also home to horses rescued from neglectful situations, and those in dire need; with nowhere else to go. 

These are all the residents our Work Horse Ambassadors help support. If you are interested in adoption, please contact us We are always eager to make the perfect match for the horses in our care! And if you are you not quite ready to take a horse home with you yet, horses in residence can be "adopted" yet remain at the farm through a sponsorship.


Alfie is a 7 year old Percheron. He is a STUNNING perfectionist. He works himself up easily because he is overly concerned and concentrated on making everything perfect! That means he needs more encouragement and praise than some of our other horses, and then he succeeds!  He is also incredibly beautiful. He is best buds with his brother Remix, and they can be seen in our pastures playing halter tag, or chasing each other around. He is learning how to be ridden, and is excellent in harness. He made his 1st debut as a Work Horse Ambassador during the Spencer Fair in September 2013 and then again at the MA Horse Benefit Show in October. He came to our farm as a gift with Piper, Remix, and Mario in May 2012.