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Renaissance School

Springfield's Renaissance School visited us last week and spent a few days learning about what we do. We LOVE having young people on the farm, especially those that do not have the opportunity to be around horses or nature for that matter! The kids learned about the crisis facing homeless horses and horses in need and they learned that they can help. They learned what it takes to care for the horses and how each horse is as individual as we are. They learned how to drive and ride and groom horses and how to be around them. They did an awesome job helping with the different chores. We know that many learned things about themselves that they didn't know before! They learned that horses need humans to help take responsibility for their well-being and they learned about the contribution that horses have made to all of us throughout our history! We learned that there are alot of brave and wonderful and open young people that are kind and gentle and that want to help make things better in the world! Thankyou Renaissance School and Lise 
Krieger for sharing yourselves with us and making our days a little easier!

Renaissance School Photos

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