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Prayers for the Horse Nation - November 24, 2012

Foxy & MerlinPOSTPONED Stay tune for a new date

Blue Star Equiculture will be holding a Prayer for the Horse Nation on November 24th 2012. The Prayers will focus on the plight of horses in need everywhere. This is also an opportunity to consider the connection and bond we have with all of life. BSE believes that humans and horses share a special bond that has evolved throughout the millennia  It was and is still very much is a bond rooted in survival. We have come to a critical time in our own evolution where were are confronted with serious questions about our own survival and sustainability.

More and more people around the planet are waking up to the responsibility we share in coming to terms with our real needs verus our material and selfish desires. All over the planet communities are developing new systems based on respect and love for our mother earth and it's creatures. Many are very far ahead on this path and many are catching up. We are ALL involved, whether we like it or not in what we will leave for our future generations. 

Horses are mysterious and awesome, powerful and graceful, with an ancient sensitivity that we could all learn from. They have been alongside us, their fate intertwined with ours for a record-able 6,000 yrs...yet no doubt there is a much more ancient relationship. Imagine the first peoples realizing the gift that they are and what freedom they afforded and how sacred a gift it was. Today great numbers of horses everywhere have become disposal commodities....discarded and forgotten and in terrible risk of a horrifying experience of death in slaughter, in an industrial slaughter system not designed for them. They are not alone in the animal kingdom. Their suffering combined with all the other animals that we have put at risk in irresponsible ways is a terrible reflection of a spiritual condition that is plaguing us all. A disconnect, an unconsciousness and fear that keeps us from embracing the noble and beautiful beings we have the capacity to be. 

This Prayer will be to call on help from our ancestors, who depended on them, to the Horse Nation itself, to hear our sincere plea for courage and strength to go within and heal our broken hearts. To remember who we are and what is important, our connection to all of life. Horses are magnificent beings that reside in the moment, swimming like dolphins alongside us encouraging us to be better and stay sensitive and open. To care and see them for what they are, like all of Creation, a gift. Whether you believe in a Creator or not their inspiration is hard to deny. They need us now, and we need each other and our children need to see us making these steps towards right relationship so as not to lose hope for their own futures. 

Join us, all are welcome. We have native friends coming to share their songs, prayers and wisdom. Native peoples have long regarded the horses as relatives, an intricate part of their stories of survival and cultural hereditage  At BSE we have always consulted with the first nations peoples, out of respect for the land we are on. We believe that anywhere decisions are being made for mankind, they should be invited and consulted with, as they are keepers of a holistic wisdom that unites us all in a web of life.

Our most earnest prayer at BSE is that we keep them alongside us, to continue on in our journey toward creating a world that is worthy of our true nature of noble love and light. Continuing to learn, grow and develop with their inspiration and partnership.

If you love horses and have been moved by them in any way please come and share this time and space with us. It will make a difference in all of our worlds, horse, human and all of creation. Ceremony will start at 1pm. Bring some food to share for a potluck afterwards! 



We have all been wondering what this prayer will actually LOOK like, hoping that it will be as glorious as we can imagine. I am happy to report that it is going to

  FAR EXCEED our wildest imaginations!! (at least mine anyway....) 

All of the Blue Star horses will be participating so we will need handlers for them. If you have a favorite horse here and would like to be responsible for them PLEASE let me know soon. There are 32 of them. Also the horses will need ribbons made of cotton fabric tied into their manes and tails...BLUE, GREEN, BLACK, RED, YELLOW , WHITE AND PURPLE. They should also be painted....with wash out paint with symbols we will give you. The handlers will be in the field for the whole ceremony and they will surrounded by the singers and elders conducting the prayers along with all of those participating in the prayers. Jimmy would like those horses that can be ridden to be ridden. The horses in this ceremony tend to "dance" with the the people with the horses both led and ridden should be fit enough to let their horses move freely....This prayer will generate a lot of energy among the horses and all those handling the horses are encouraged to go with it and not try to quiet them down. This is HORSE MEDICINE and we are instructed to take it in for the healing we are asking for within ourselves and in the Horse Nation. 

Food: Everyone is asked to bring a favorite dish to share for a feast afterwards that we will share around the Peace Pole at the Sacred Site we are praying at. Bring drinks, water, utensils for yourself and family. Rice pudding with raisins is also being asked for as this is part of the ceremonial food for this kind of medicine ceremony. 

CLOTHES: Dress warm...there will be a ceremonial fire but you are probably going to get cold....wear appropriate clothing for being outdoors for several hours. 

PRAYERS: Everyone is welcomed to share their prayers by making a prayer bundle with tobacco and red cloth....there will be an opportunity for you to ceremoniously share this with the fire. 

This will be a beautiful and powerful opportunity to create a enduring prayer for horses, humans and our mother earth EVERYWHERE!!

Get back to me asap with the horse that you would like to handle...and know that you will expected to be here very very early on Saturday morning to help with feeding and preparing the will be a long day and tiring....but we are HORSE SOLDIERS after all!!
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