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Peggy also has shown amazing results from using StemEquine. Peggy has neurological issues, she was also dealing with chronic infections in her rear leg bone and in her sinus cavitiy after an accident to her head.

Since taking StemEquine all of her infections have cleared up and she hasn't had a new one since.  Peggy's quality of life and her energy have increased dramatically. Be sure to check out the slideshows of Peggy's sinus and head infections and the video's taken by Dr Stephen Purdy of the clinical trials. Below you can read Peggy's story and the summary of the clinical analysis.

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Clinical Trial Summery 6/11 - 8/11 - Peggy

Blue Star Equiculture Horses Clinical Exam Results as of 8-26-11: By Dr Stephen Purdy
Gait Examination:
All horses were walked and trotted in hand in a straight line to observe for lameness, impulsion, and coordination. All horses were also evaluated turning in a tight circle in hand in both directions. Video of all loco motor testing was recorded and still pictures were taken of Huey’s feet, which had chronic infections of the sole and frog and canker in both at the start of the trial and of Peg’s left hind leg metatarsal bone which had chronic infection.

Peg- 2.5 years old, 800# Irish Sport Horse mare-lost her tail to a coyote at 8 months of age-has associated neurological problems in the rear end such as incoordination; currently also has a soft tissue/bone infection in her hind leg which had not resolved with conventional treatment. Peg had a leg infection in her left hind, which has cleared up to date after one month on the product. We are hoping that it does not reoccur as it did once in the past. She was injured again one month ago with a traumatic injury to the forehead. This resulted in damage to her right frontal sinus and subsequent sinus infection with malodorous discharge from the right nostril. We would like to continue her in the trial to see if more StemEquine would result in resolution of the sinus infection. These infections are usually difficult to treat if chronic in nature as hers is. Her gait was unchanged from the initial exam but she does have severe ataxia behind and also injured her left hind leg about 3 weeks ago. These injuries have confused the evaluation but we do have radiographs of her leg from the beginning and can compare them with another set we could take at the end of the trial to check for improvement.

Peggy's Story

Below is Peggy story before she got placed on the stemequine. Peggy was our second choice for the study for all the reasons cited below. Her development, her chronic infections in her hind leg and sinuses. 
Peggy's story is very much like Huey's in that we weren't sure what could be done for her rehabilatation. She had one set back after another and beginning to be very depressed and lethargic. 
Peggy is back to vibrant health. She has completely recovered from her chronic infections both cleared up in the first 2 months of the study. Like with Huey Khan she has had a re-blossoming effect throughout her whole body. Her coat is bright and shiny. Her eyes are clear and alert. She is not depressed anymore and can be found galloping threw the fields several times a day with her friends Gracie and Jetta. She has not had an accident in weeks now and it seems like she is ready to go into a more serious training schedule with her cart. Peggy continues on with the study for another couple of weeks. She may have had enough as she is not struggling with her balance or immune deficiencies anymore. 
We are certain that StemEquine has made a dramatic difference in her quality of life. We are very excited for her future which is sure to be legendary!
Peggy has grown up to be quite the young lady!  During her first year at Blue Star, she grew up A LOT.
When she arrived in April 2009, at the age of 8 1/2 months, she was the size of a four-month-old foal.  Peggy quickly found her health, playing with the Thoroughbreds, Crip and Westbrook, and with the Herdmaster, Cupcake.  With the help of Sally's pool noodles, Peg began being trained to wear a harness and be driven.  She grew enormously in the fall of 2009, so much so that she grew almost a full hand in November of that year.  Growing up is hard to do, and it's even harder when you have spinal cord damage from a pulled off tail.
Peggy gets rescued by the Bondsville Fire Department.
On New Year's Day, 2010, Peggy was unable to rise from a nap at breakfast time.  Efforts to help her to her feet failed, as she already weighed at least 800 lbs and she couldn't seem to get her hind end to find its balance.  Time and again, she couldn't get up.  The vet was called out - not our usual vet, because it was a holiday, but a very knowledgeable vet from a few towns over.  The vet concluded that Peggy's spinal cord and nervous system had been damaged when her tail was pulled off, and with her new-found growth, her nervous system hadn't been able to keep up.  He advised that if she could not stand, she would have to be put down.  Sally wasn't about to let that happen!  Sally rushed to Tractor Supply in Belchertown and persuaded the manager to open especially for Peggy so Sally could buy supplies.  The Bondsville Fire Department was called out and the volunteer firefighters managed to lift Peggy up and secure her in a sling with haybales supporting her in an upright position against the wall.  After being watched round the clock by Pam, Justin, and Angie for a couple of days, Peggy was able to stand on her own, and the danger passed. (As a result, Peggy is the mascot of the Bondsville Fire Department, whose dedication saved her life, and also won her the Valentine's Day card contest in 2010!)
Peggy has continued to have some ups and downs as she has grown and developed over the past couple of years at Blue Star.  She had a tumble when she was playing too hard with her friends on Easter Sunday, 2010, and required several weeks and chiropractor visits and massages to heal.  More recently, she has been battling an infection in her hind leg from a cut from a pasture accident.
Still, despite all her "bad luck," Peggy is a joy to be around!  She has a zest for life, is happy and is VERY smart.  She loves her trainer, Sally, and will come running for her when Sally arrives on the farm.  Peggy has been trained to harness, and has progressed to pulling Sally and even a passenger in her custom built cart around the farm.  Working in harness really helps with Peggy's physical therapy - the shafts encourage her to move in a straight line, and in harness she can really develop her trot and her strength.  Against the odds, Peggy is growing up to be just as big as her parents - she is now almost 16.2 hh in the hindquarters and is over 16hh at the withers (her sire is 16.1hh and her dam is 16hh), and she continues to grow and develop (horses' skeletal systems continue to grow and mature until age 5 or more).
Peggy is no longer the baby on the farm.  Peggy doesn't take guff from any of the Herd except for Uncle Jesse (who now lives elsewhere) and Uncle Bud - although Peggy is beginning to hang out with some of the mares more, now that she has matured.
Peggy is one of the equine ambassadors at Blue Star Equiculture.  She participated in a living nativity in Ludlow at Christimas 2010 and 2011, and really enjoyed it and was not bothered by the crowds of people.  She also represented Blue Star Equiculture in June 2011 at the kick off event of the Belchertown Library's "Reed to Feed Horses in Need" summer reading program to benefit the farm.
Although we do not know what the road ahead holds in store for Peggy as she continues to grow and mature into a fine filly with a talent for driving, we love her determination and spirit.  She truly is our "Tailless Wonder"!

This is Donnybrook's Peg O' My Heart (aka "Peggy"), when she arrived at Blue Star Equiculture on April 9, 2009.  She is an
Irish Sporthorse filly.

Peggy comes from exceptional Irish Sporthorse bloodlines. She was homebred by Timothy Doyle of Donnybrook Farms in Woodbury, Connecticut. Tim owns an Irish Sporthorse stallion, Donnybrook's Ellis Island, and two Irish Sporthorse mares, Donnybrook's Molly Maguire (Peggy's mom) and Donnybrook's Irish Lullaby.

Tim loves his horses and was devastated when Peggy was born on July 22, 2008 with a severe and potentially deadly salmonella infection. She was nothing but "skin and bones" from day one, and her entry into the world was marred by IVs, antibiotics and being unable to stand. Tim and his vet were able to get Peggy up and nursing, and much money and several months of care, Peggy was out of the woods from the salmonella. She still was underweight and, due to needing more nutrition, she was weaned from Molly early.  (Peggy, to this day, still has an IV scar in her neck from her long months of ICU.)

No sooner had Peggy gotten back on her feet again, so to speak, when bad luck struck again. The very first time Peggy was turned out after beating back the salmonella, Tim went out to bring her in, only to discover Peggy's tail "in pieces" all over the paddock. At first, it seemed Peggy had gotten caught on something, but when the vet came to try and save her tail, examination revealed what appeared to be bite marks on her hocks. It seems Peggy was attacked by a coyote or dog, who chewed her tail off. Despite the best efforts of all involved, Peggy's tail was unable to be saved.

Peggy now has no tail save a few hairs at her dock. She was bred to be like her siblings who excel in jumping and eventing. Without her tail, she will be unable to balance when she jumps, and may have difficulty performing dressage moves, if she is even able to ever be ridden at all.

Tim has other horses to feed, and despite being very attached to Peggy (he practically hand-raised her), he could not afford to keep her. Unfortunately, because of her "handicap," finding a home for her was difficult. He tried to place her with several other rescues but was turned away. He was at the point of considering euthanasia when he learned of Blue Star Equiculture, which had just opened in Palmer.

On Thursday, April 9th, Peggy arrived at Burgundy Brook Farm in Palmer, MA, a beautiful baby girl, despite her handicap and setbacks. She still needed physical therapy to overcome some of the lasting effects of the salmonella, and was on weight-builder to rebuild her muscle mass.

Peggy has her bonafide draft horse credentials: Both her grandsires are Irish Draught Horses. (Her granddams are thoroughbreds.)

Peggy is now being trained weekly by Sally Sorel, who has 30 years of experience training driving horses.

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Peggy 12/16/2011

Peggy after 6 months on StemEquine

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