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StemEquineStemEquine is an all-natural stem cell enhancer for horses. The supplement is the specially formulated equine equivalent to Stem Enhance, Stemtech’s patented stem cell enhancer for humans documented to support the natural release of adult stem cells from bone marrow.

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Below are 5 of the Blue Star Equiculture horses that are part of a clinical trial for StemEquine. Each horse suffered with different issues. The trials are being managed by Dr. Stephen Purdy DVM. Click on the photo of the horse to read more about how they are responding to StemEquine and to see Dr. Purdy's notes and videos.

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The proceeds from the sale of all StemTech products goes towards the care of the horses

StemEquine Natural Horse Article
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StemEquine Brochure
StemEquine Brochure - Click Here...
Huey KahnHuey Khan
Start Date: 6/2011
Diagnosis: Thrush, Canker
Issues: Multiple joint arthritis
and tendon tears and foot infections
 Read Huey's amazing story...
Start Date: 6/11
Diagnosis: no tail,
associated neurological problems
Issues: poor coordination
and chronic infections
Read Peggy's amazing story
Start Date: 6/11
Diagnosis EPSM, 
Issues: Muscle wasting
and locomotive abnormalities
Read Duke's amazing story
 Carter  Carter
Start Date
Read more of Carter's amazing story
Equine Wellness ExpoEquine Wellness Expo
April 29, 2012
University of Massachusetts
Hadley Farm
Tom TooTom Too
Start Date:
Read Tom Too's amazing story

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