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Organic Overview

Organics is more than just a concept or products used or the food you eat. It is a holistic approach to growing everything from simple plants to high value crops, herbs & flowers

The foundation of Organic Growing begins with an understanding that plant life depends on healthy soil. These two are inseparably linked. Once this relationship is broken in comes; plant disease, insect infestation, opportunistic weeds, inferior plants and buying into the deception that the answer is using deadly products containing carcinogens, mutagens, toxic heavy metals or endocrine disruptors.

University experts used to teach that ARSENIC was a cure for turf disease. They now teach; using Fungicide (carcinogen) is the answer to turf disease. Why disease PREVENTION isn’t taught is baffling. It really is very simple. Most of today’s professionally managed turf is like an athlete on steroids. It LOOKs good on the surface but now we know that it is a ticking time bomb. Well-nourished SOIL is healthy naturally and disease free or very disease suppressed.

Besides being personally exposed to these toxins and them having a long-term effect on you and co-workers or family members. Toxins affect the whole community, bioregion, watershed, hemisphere and planet.

There are VITAL & Dramatic alternatives to toxic products: Organic products & practices that promote health, restore life & detoxify affected soil & plants.

Turning a blind eye to these fundamental issues is comparable to ignoring or denying any holocaust, epic starvation or threat of annihilation. The poisons are here. We have all used some at one time or another. The genie is out of the bottle and the only way to put him back, heal the destruction and get back on course to health is with ORGANICS

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