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Advertise your business or organization in the monthly Blue Star Equiculture newsletter.
The Blue Star Equiculture newsletter will feature all the latest goings-on : events, ways to help horses and the environment, educational pieces about horses in history, the latest horses in need of homes or sponsors, updates from the Herd, and much more!  Because the newsletter will be a bulletin insert in the local newspaper or will stand alone by itself, the newsletter - and your ad - will have special prominence.  Your ad will reach the audience that matters most - those in your local community.
Advertising with Blue Star Equiculture is a great way to show our community that you care about horses and about the environment.  Your advertising expenses defray the cost of printing the newsletter, allowing Blue Star Equiculture to educate and inform the wider public about our mission.  The money you spend on advertising with Blue Star Equiculture doesn't go to pay anyone's salary; it goes to pay for the horses' hay.  Make a difference - advertise today!
Circulation: over 25,000 readers in the Palmer, Belchertown and Granby communities
This circulation figure includes newsletter inserts in the following local publications: Blue Star Equiculture's own website, registering thousands of hits per month
The newsletter will be a 12-page, black and white and color 8.5" x 11" newsprint booklet inserted into local newspapers.
Page 1 (Cover - Color): Herd photo, Blue Star logo, mission and services available

Page 2 (Inside front cover): 
Pages 3-10:   Content will appear in the same place every month.
Page 3: Horse profile/herd news/updates
Page 4: Upcoming events calendar
Page 5: Services offered at farm with rates
Page 6: "Join the Herd" information
Page 7: Article/news
Page 8: Article/news
Page 9: Article/news
Page 10: Article/news
(Pages 3 - 10 offer 6 advertising spots per page.)
Page 11 (inside back cover)
Page 12 (back cover - Color):

Advertising Rates (per issue):

In order to keep this simple for everyone we will use your business card for your ad.
3 1/2" x 2" Business Card ad: $50/issue Pay via PayPal
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Advertise in the Newsletter!

You can reach over 20,000 readers by advertising in our newsletter.  Ads start at as little as $25 and can go up to full page, color features.  Let the community know you or your business supports Blue Star Equiculture AND promote your business affordably and effectively.

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