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NEECA's Equestrian Showcase 7/16/2011

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Today was a beautiful day with beautiful horses. There were horses of every size and some donkeys, minis, a camel, goats, rabbits, lots of dogs (of all sizes), alpacas (I am sure I am missing some!) There were over 7 stallions that I counted, perhaps more, mares and babies only months old. All of the horses were healthy and beautiful ambassadors for their breeds.

Peter Whitmore who specializes in "starting young horses the right way" was the master of ceremony for the day.

We have been very busy so I hadn't looked too closely at just where the event was being held. We were very happily surprised to discover that the land the event is held on is very special indeed! It is property of Athol and The New England Equestrian Land Management Conservation Corporation. Also known as NEECA. There stated purpose is "to assist in the development and operations of lands set aside for the specific purpose of equestrian use.." Today, NEECA is a member organization of over 200 dedicated who have provided their skills, resources and labor to help expand the dream. Since it was developed, they have held clinics, fun days, and a variety of other events, including trail rides.

Check them out at

Tom Too and Mark gave wagon rides and behaved stupendously and throughly enjoyed the day. The boys have become real professionals and were relaxed and happy to be in the excitement. Mark especially liked staring at all the different horses that crossed his path. Tom Too, acknowledged them, but mostly dozed.

The land is beautiful. There are forest and shaded paths (wide enough for the wagon) and big open fields. There are trails being built,  with a special consideration for the conservation on the ecological impact.  Lots of people took rides, all ages, lots of kids.

Tom Too and Mark made a lot more friends today. To sum it up it was a great day, outdoors, with people that love horses and lots of loved horses. We are glad to have made some new friends and look forward to seeing them all again, wherever that might be.

NEECA's Equestrian Showcase 7/16/2011

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