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Blue Star Equiculture Success Stories

We have so many success stories, it has become almost impossible to keep up with them, especially with so few hands to actually capture them as the are happening. Our Annual Reports (link) give a great idea as to what we have accomplished. Clearly we are on our way to many more with our upcoming programs and UMass and the gaining popularity Blue Star has in all the local communities.
Another way to see the success we have is to follow us along on facebook as the event are recorded as they happen. You can look back at the video and photo archives and get a great idea that way too! Join us on this incredible journey of hope and healing. It is the most fun you could have doing such serious and important work. It is nothing short of restoring the sacred bond we ALL have  with horses everywhere!

Billy & Christina Andersen Miracle

Billy and ChristinaOne of the miracles that happens around here on a daily basis. No person could keep up with them. This one I couldn't miss. This is Billy and Christina. Billy's early life was full of confusion and fear and to some degree terror of humans. Original handlers from a very old school farm worked him when he was too young and made to bear more than he could handle. When he tried to protect himself by not complying he was beaten. He is terrified that the world will instantly fall apart on took months to just get a halter on him. He would move away and put his ears back and put his hind end towards you...he never acted offensively...only defensively....
One of the truly important keys to our success is how we manage our herd. Everyday morning and night they are rounded up and put in their places for feed. This routine takes a couple of hours each shift.....since all the other horses do it...they usually come (sometimes their hay is so satisfying they don't want to come) they find their places (the older residents) and the new scared horses are able follow along...Billy softened with that handling daily and soon would let any volunteer he knew to put a halter on him...but that was it. Once we got his halter on Justin began working with him and built their trust so tight that Billy looked for Justin. They got as far as being ground  driven in harness out to the field.
But then summer happened and so did Christina. Justin had to head out to farm with his horses and didn't have time to spend with him. Christina filled that place, devoting endless hours and grooming and loving ....and the point where I think Billy will do ANYTHING for her. Just like his herdmates Remix, Mike and Piper...Billy will let her in to help guide him to the place he wants to go....having a life with activity and connection instead of spending his life watching....fearful and sad.....and mad...
THANK YOU CHRISTINA for being the amazing animal lover you are, you are doing greats things for the horses and yourself and we are very proud to have you with us and so is Billy!!! Read more about Billy  Read more about Christina

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