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Organic Links

School of Living Arts

Workshops in permaculture and an emphasis on the creative arts near Chatham, NY
Northeastern Permaculture
A central place for permaculture networking and information in the northeast
Living Mandala
A resource center for permaculture organics and indigenous spirituality
Perennial Vegetables
An extensive database of perennial vegetables for all climates worldwide
Permaculture Activist
Another great resource for events courses and information
Dirt Worship
An interesting blog on permaculture and spirituality
Permaculture Visions
A whimsical website from Australia with online permaculture courses and good information
Permaculture Design Solutions
A Hancock, NY organization offering permaculture courses based on the work of Bill Mollison and David Holmgren
Appleseed Permaculture
Permaculture from Tennessee
Camas Permaculture
Interesting permaculture blog from the northwest
Design Trek
Ecological Design & Permaculture Resources international
Plants for a Future
A database of plants worldwide
Principles of Successful Design:
Software, Permaculture, and the Sufi Art of Building Character
A great paper on design
Rainbow Valley Farm
A permaculture farm on the north island of New Zealand
David Yarrow's website
A great resource from one of our permaculture giants in NY State
Transition Towns
All about economic permaculture
Edible Forest Gardens
A great resource for permaculture in the northeast USA
Offering courses in building design from Tennessee
Gaia University
Offering courses in permaculture and related issues
Outback Edge
Blog from Australia... living on a small plot sustainably, great resources
Permaculture Nursery
A Holyoke nursery with many rare plants talked about in the new book Perennial Vegetables and Edible Food Forest
Turkey Tail Permaculture
A blog from New England offering courses in regenerative land design
Nuestras Raices
Our neighbor from Holyoke promoting economic permaculture principles and farming in the Hispanic community.
Sepp Holzer
A website created for the permaculture pioneer Sepp Holzer

Growing Power
 Will Allens inspiration for clean  organic urban agriculture from Minneapolis 

Polyface farms
This is Joel Salatin's farm, a true hero of clean food and a pioneer in sustainable agriculture


pasture seed non GMO organic and other products

Soil Health Library
A resource for soil health

 Essay on food literacy

 A great site on bringing good food to Africa

Solitude Farm Auroville  India: Blog
 permaculture and natural farming

 Fedco Seeds
Orgnic seeds from Maine

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