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Organic Library


Below are a list of great books about Organic Earthcare. A portion of the purchase price goes to help us care for the horses if you buy them from Amazon. Thank You!


Green Psychology: Transforming our Relationship to the Earth
Raising With the Moon
Secrets of the Soil: New solutions for restoring our Planet
The Dying of the Trees
The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight
The Legacy of Luna
The Man who Planted Trees
The Secert Life of Plants

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Building a Healthy Lawn
Down-To-Earth Natural Lawn Care
Food Not Lawns
Grass, the Forgiveness of Nature
Grow Organic
How to Get Your Lawn & Garden Off Drugs
Roses Love Garlic
The Organic Lawn Care Manual

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Vegetable Gardening

Carrots Love Tomatoes
Feast Your Eyes
Gaia's Garden
How to Grow More Vegetables
How to Grow More Vegetables
How to Grow World Record Tomatoes
Organic Gardening for the 21st Century
Straight-Ahead Organic
The Gardener's A-Z Guide to Growing Organic Food

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Water - The Ultimate Cure
Your Body's Many Cries for Water

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Biodynamic Greenhouse Management
Building Your Own Greenhouse
Four-Season Harvest
Gardening in Your Greenhouse
Greenhouse Gardener's Companion
Greenhouses for Homeowners and Gardeners
Hydroponic Food Production

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Country Wisdom & Know-How
Eco-Farm, An Acres U.S.A. Primer
Five Acres and Independence
Harvest of Hope
Mainline Farming for Century Twenty-One
Successful Small-Scale Farming
The Biological Farmer
The Encyclopedia of Country Living
The New Organic Grower
The Non-Toxic Farming Handbook
What Is Biodynamics?
When Technology Fails

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Golf Courses

Ecological Golf Course Management

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Sports Fields

Managing Healthy Sports Fields

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