Helping Horses, Humans & Mother Earth

Restore The Bond - Join The Herd

Join The Herd

As a herd member, you become an integral part of Blue Star Equiculture's efforts to help Horses, Humans and Mother Earth.

Join like-minded, caring individuals who know that a small monthly donation makes a big difference. The herd welcomes you...please join us!

For as little as $10 a month, you will help care for and support the homeless, retired, or disabled horses at Blue Star Equiculture. Your consistent monthly contribution allows us the stability to continue caring for our horses, develop a unique solution to the homeless horse crisis, and educate the public about Working Horses.

At Blue Star Equiculture, we honor this ancient partnership and take full responsibility for being part of a culture that has benefited greatly by their service. We created this organization as a way to give back and express gratitude to our horse "relations".

Our many programs celebrate and share horses’ greatness within our communities, so that all people can take part in meaningful opportunities to understand our equine partners better – and thus care enough about our fellow living beings to do their small part to care for and sustain them on the shared road ahead.


To upgrade your membership, log in to PayPal and cancel your current Herd Membership, then click the Herd Membership level you would like above.  

Herd Membership payments are securely and easily made through PayPal.  You do not need a PayPal account; recurring payments can be made with any major credit card.

Help us reach our goal of 1,000 Herd Members and create a self-sustaining, community-supported, grassroots horse sanctuary and retirement and rehabilitation home for our communities horses in need!  We need your help to not only do your part, but to recruit your friends and family.

Join the Herd!  Help us reach our goal, click here to get started.

Photos Of The Herd

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