Blue Star Equiculture working with JFK Middle School

Helping horses, humans and mother earth. That is what we are all about and the Kennedy Middle School 7th graders are also all about it! A few weeks ago we visited their garden in Springfield in the inner city. Remix and Mario helped plow their plot and we planted a cover crop. This time it was the kids turn to come to Remix and Mario's home turf. They got to meet all the residents, horse, cow, chickens and cats and dog! They got to groom and clean stalls, learn about Moonshine and her role. They all got to ride on the wagon around the farm and find young trees at risk so that they could be transplanted. The whole experience was awesome for everyone. The kids are learning how to be part of the BSE and the horses are learning that they have a lot more friends to get to know! Thank you Kennedy School for encouraging this relationship and for seeking ways to expand the program throughout the year. Everyone's lives will changed for the better for it!

Wildcrafting Trees

JFK Middle School WildcraftingThe JFK students worked along side the Blue Star Equiculture volunteers wildcrafting special trees to sell as a fundraiser for the holidays. Several teams of the JFK middle school students transplanted Juniper, Birch and Scotch Pine trees. These trees will be prepared and made available for purchase at the Blue Star Equiculture Seasonal Farm Store. The proceed from the sale of these trees will go towards the care of the horses. Click here for more info...

JFK Students at BSE 11/14/2012

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