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J. F. Hanifin Horseshoeing and Jobbing

If you've sat and watched our "What is Equiculture?" slideshow on our website, you may have noticed the picture under "history and culture" of J.F. Hanifin's blacksmith shop. 

J F HanifinJ.F. Hanifin's Horseshoeing and Jobbing in Bondsville used to be located directly behind St. Bartholomew's Catholic Church.  The building no longer stands.

You can read more about the history of St. Bartholomew's parish here.  This account was produced by  Eric Raymond, a member of Palmer's Historical Commission, and was brought to our attention by Robert Ring, chair of the Palmer Historical Comission. 

Blue Star Equiculture is beginning to work with the Historical Commission in Palmer to create horse-drawn historical tours of some of the historical sites of interest at the center of Palmer.  Stay tuned for more developments!

BartholomewsBelow is a picture of a wedding at St. Bartholomew's, sometime before 1912 (notice that the watering trough is not in the picture!).  A lovely carriage awaits the newlyweds!

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