Does your horse have a problem with:

Gait & Performance - Does your horse have a hard time with… lead changes- Cross canter - cranial or caudal step during gait- Hip hike- lameness or walk funny- bending to one side- Is he uncomfortable to ride or have balance issues- Has he had a past suspensory ligament tear? Does he have difficulty bending at the poll -Does he have muscle imbalance- heat, or swelling, uneven hoof wear, hold his tail to one side, has he had past injuries or surgeries,

Behavior - Does your horse buck or rear- is he cinchy or hate when the saddle is placed on his back- does he swish his tail or pin his ears- is he not willing to do what is asked- Is he head or ear shy?

Structural - Muscle imbalances, atrophy, scapular asymmetry, saddle fit issues,

Wellness Care

All of these issues can be helped by chiropractic.  This manual medicine can help your horse be less painful and perform his best... Please contact me for more information. 

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