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The Horses

Our project would be nothing without our horses, our partners and our friends.

 Laying around

Current Residents

Our current residents include retired carriage horses, our working farm horses, our general riding horses, and - of course - Cupcake!


Horses available for adoption

Blue Star Equiculture wants to share the wealth of wonderful draft horses and other homeless horses. Click here to see horses in need of an adoptive forever home!

Blue Star Equiculture also lists horses who need to find new homes but do not belong to us. Click here to see them.


Equiculture Alumni

Click here to read about the horses that have moved beyond Burgundy Brook Farm to lead fulfilling lives in new homes, thanks to Blue Star Equiculture and your continuing generosity.

 Girls at a funeral

In Memoriam

Some of our horses have gone on to greener pastures. Read more about them and the lives they touched here.

 Tony B's retirement party

Draft Horse Retirement

Blue Star Equiculture believes that all working horses deserve a good retirement, once their "useful" days are over. Click here to read more about our draft horse retirement program, how to donate a horse to our retirement program, and how to help draft horses in their golden years.


Draft Horse Rescue and Adoption

Blue Star Equiculture seeks to rescue draft horses from unfit living conditions or from the terrible fate of the slaughterhouse. We also seek to find loving forever homes for these horses. Click here to learn more about how to adopt your own gentle giant!

 The herd

Draft Horse Library

We have begun to compile a bibliography of useful books and information about draft horses. Click here for more.

 Horses at work


There is a wealth of information about draft horses on the internet. Here are some of our favorite sites.

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