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The Horses Come First

At Blue Star Equiculture, the horse comes first.

Blue Star Equiculture takes in homeless or unwanted horses and retired or medically-challenged horses and gives them the time and space to heal and acclimate.  Those that are physically able are allowed to acclimate to their new surroundings in the Blue Star herd and then are trained for new skills, or their long-held training is refined.

The skills that our horses develop could be driving, agricultural, riding, therapeutic or showing skills, depending on their unique personalities and abilities.  Blue Star Equiculture horses are not "lawn ornaments," unless that is their special skill.  The timeline on such development and eventual rehoming has no limit - it could be weeks, months or years, and in fact any knowledgeable horseperson knows that a horse's education, just like ours as humans, is never complete.

Blue Star Equiculture will not deny any horse in residence on the farm a forever home, provided that home is appropriate to the horse's mental and physical well-being, bearing in mind that Blue Star may well be that horse's sanctuary for the rest of his life.

In the meantime, our horses participate in events and outreach in the community.  Not only are they ambassadors for what working horses can still contribute to our communities, they are also educating the public about the vital importance of the horse-human bond throughout history and for the future.  They are busy building the communities that will ultimately sustain horses like themselves.

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