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New Katie Upton Hay Drive Posters

Katie Upton Posters for Hay Drive


Phillip Whiteman Jr. & Lynette Two Bulls

 NEW WEBSITE COMING SOON!!  We PROMISE! So hang on friends, we promise and it will have been worth the wait! We have a world class website nearly done now with updated info on all the horses, humans and all the work we do. This website is older now and not updated as we have been focusing this past year on building the new one. We should be LIVE in the next couple weeks..or at least by mid April. If you need us you can write at for any info on our organization, it's members and the horses we dedicate everything too! We update our Facebook page daily and for now it is the very best way to follow and see what we do regularly! 

If you have an emergency and are having trouble reaching us please call 207-468-0495, we will be happy to help you. Please keep in mind we are all volunteers and our first priority is of caring for the horses on the farm so sometimes we can get caught up outside...ALOT! You are welcome to visit the farm anytime without notice and if you want a tour we can set something up. Thank you for visiting and be sure to come back soon! Our new website is amazing and fun and full of anything you could be looking for!! 





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