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Give a friend, family member or loved one a Blue Star Equiculture Herd Membership. Your Herd Membership gift will help the horses by providing them with lasting support in the form of hay and grain, and give the recipient the privilege of being a Blue Star Equiculture Herd Member (see Herd Membership Benefits). 

It's easy: just select the Herd Membership level you would like to give, complete the payment and provide us with the name and address of the recipient. Select the option of sending the membership card directly to the recipient or sending the membership card to you to gift in person. Once we recieve your order, we will send the membership card out within 2 business days. 

Blue Star Equiculture Herd Membership Gift Package

All Herd Membership gifts include the following:

  • Herd Membership ID Card (laminated)
  • Herd Membership Greeting Card listing the benefits of being a Herd Member.
  • Holiday Greeting Card
  • Listing on the Herd Members page
  • All the benefits of a Blue Star Equiculture Herd Member, plus the additional gifts based on the "star level" of membership listed below.
Select the level of membership you would like to give. Then complete the Paypal purchase information. Once you complete the Paypal purchase information, there will be a link to a webpage where you complete the information about the recipient of your gift.

$10 / month - Blue Star Herd Membership (listed on the Herd Members page)
$15 / month – Two-Star Herd Membership (BSE bumpersticker of choice)
$20 / month – Three-Star Herd Membership (BSE t-shirt of choice)
$25 / month – Four-Star Herd Membership (8 X10 framed BSE photo)
$50 / month – Five-Star Herd Membership (Private carriage ride for up to 4)
$100 / month –Six-Star Herd Membership (Private wagon ride for up to 20)
Pay via any of these charge cards
Use the contact form below if you have any questions.

Herd Membership Gift Contact Form

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