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General Lawn Facts

1) Lawns cover between 30 and 50 million acres in the United States, according to varying estimates.

2) The average American homeowner spends 40 hours per year mowing the lawn.

3) Of 103.9 million households with lawns, more than half (58 million) use insecticides; 40 million use herbicides; 14 million use fungicides.

4) The average size of the home lawn is one third of an acre.

5) Nearly 20 million pieces of motorized lawn & gardening equipment are now sold each year, with more than 100 million currently in use.

6) Americans apply approximately 80 million tons of synthetic lawn fertilizers per year.

7) The National Academy of Sciences found that homeowners use up to 10 times more chemical pesticides per acre than do farmers.

8) A one-acre lawn generates almost six tons of grass clippings a year, or nearly 1,000 garbage bags full. As a result, most existing legal landfills are estimated to be full by 2010 according to a study conducted by the U.S. Congress.

9) The average 40-pound bag of synthetic lawn fertilizer, with 30 percent nitrogen by weight, required the fossil fuel equivalent of 3 gallons of gasoline during manufacturing and shipping.

10) Homeowners contribute significantly to the nearly 60 million pounds of glyphosate (Roundup) applications each year; the compound has been linked to numerous health and environmental risks.

11) Counting fertilizer production and distribution, along with fuel used in mowing, trimming and pumping water, the nation utilizes approximately 2.2 billion gallons of fuel per year, or 18 gallons per year.

12) Homeowners apply approximately 80 million pounds of pesticides on lawns per year.

13) Studies by the New York Board of Pesticide Control showed that 8 of 10 people do not read Caution, Warning and Danger labels on pesticide products.

14) A 2004 national survey by the National Gardening Association reveals that 5 million homeowners use only organic lawn practices and products and 35 million people use both organic and synthetic materials.

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