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Viridian & BSE Teams Up For An Amazing Fundraiser - Going Viridian Green Takes Real Horsepower

An Amazing Opportunity for Blue Star Equiculture & You
We have an exciting opportunity for Blue Star Equiculture, Inc.(BSE) and you. We have joined Viridian Energy as a way for BSE to become cash positive and to be able to spend a lot more of our time on the mission of BSE vs spending 90% of our time asking for money. With Viridian, we can develop a structure that will pay BSE a monthly residual that covers all the bills. This is an amazing opportunity and it gets even better.

Viridian is offering Green Electricity in CT, NY, NT, PA, MD, IL and as of 6/1/2012 in MA. In all these states, because of deregulation, a customer of one of the big utilities can now choose their electricity supplier while maintaining their relationship with their current utility. Viridian offers residential and commercial customers 20% green ("Everyday Green") and 100% green ("Pure Green") supply options at a savings. This means electricity users can now choose a green supply and save money vs. their current rates. Additionally, if they choose Viridian, $2/month goes to BSE. So now a Viridian customer who joins through BSE can save money, help the planet and help the horses. And it gets even better yet.

You, as a member of the BSE herd and family, can help BSE by getting your friends to choose Viridian. If you would like to help and make money for yourself, you can become a Viridian single state associate for $199 and you will also get a monthly residual check for every customer you get to choose Viridian. How cool is that? You help your friends save money, help save the planet, help the horses at BSE and make a monthly residual check for yourself!

There is so much to tell you about this amazing opportunity that we would like to invite you to come to a Viridian/ BSE information session at BSE on Saturday morning at 10am, starting April 7th, 2012 and every Saturday until June 2, 2012.

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BSE/Viridian RSVP - Fundraising Volunteer Information

Please complete this short RSVP information form if you are interested in helping Blue Star Equiculture, Inc as a fundraising volunteer.


BSE/Viridian Info & Training Sessions

BSE & Viridian
Every Saturday10am come to Blue Star to find out how you can help the BSE horses and earn money for yourself. This is an amazing opportunity for BSE & You. We will hold these sessions every Saturday @ 10am through 6/2/12. RSVP Click Here...
For more information about Viridian Click Here...

Go Green, Save Money, Help Mother Earth, Help the BSE Horses and make $$ for yourself!!!!

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