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Draft Animal Power Network (DAPNET)


IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THE ANIMAL POWERED FARMING AND LOGGING MOVEMENT PLEASE CHECK OUT DAPNet! We are grateful members and want to help get this groups work out far and wide! These folks are serious contributors to sustainable solutions for our environmental and economic crises and well worth getting to know better!

The goal of the Draft Animal-Power Network is to provide year-round educational and networking opportunities, highlighting ongoing efforts of people throughout the region who are educating, mentoring and building community around animal-power and renewable land use.

Draft Animal Power Network is an non-profit organization of farmers, foresters, loggers, teamsters, animal owners, homesteaders, land owners, partimers etcetera and folks interested in becoming part of any of the above. Our new organization is the merging of an annual event, Northeast Animal-Power Field Days, an international online discussion forum,, and a group of driven people. We show that not only are there still people that use animals for power, but many that do it for a living or to support their lifestyle in a kind and sustainable manner.

9/17/2011 DAPNET

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