Donate An Item To Sell On eBay

It's time to go through your closets, basements and attics and see if there's anything lying around that you would like to donate to help the horses.   Blue Star Equiculture will photograph your item, put it up for sale on eBay and send it to its new happy owner, earning money for the horses and recycling your old items to homes where they will be needed and used.  It's good for the horses, good for your home as you clean out and clean up, and good for the environment.

Donate An Item To Sell On eBayWe are asking everyone to help by donating an item we can sell on eBay for $100 or more. If 200 people can find an item and donate it we will meet our goal.

Everyone has an item that they no longer need or that they have more than one that they can donate. To help remind you of some possible items we put up the slideshow to the left.

If you are already an eBay seller you can indicate on the eBay selling form that you would like to donate the proceeds of the sale of that item to Blue Star Equiculture. Blue Star Equiculture is a registered eBay charity.

Please use the Contact form below to let us know about an item you want to donate and when you can drop it off at the farm. If you plan on selling your item on eBay your self and donating the proceeds to Blue Star Equiculture please let us know about that as well.

Thank you!

Contact Form - Donate An Item to Sell On eBay

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