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Dave Bradham's Profile

Dave BrahamCertified PATH Driving Instructor, Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship accreditation.
Certified Mentor and Instructor.
Certified CHA riding instructor.


For years, as a master teamster, Dave has been training horses all over country from California to Canada and back again.

These days Dave has partnered with Nicole Birkholzer to create a Mindful Connection workshop, "Restoring the Spirit of the Horse!" This work is designed is facilitate better communication and connection with owners and their horses, creating deep and long lasting mutually beneficial relationships! 

A former judo instructor, Dave works on a deep energetic level with horses and humans, paying close attention to the subtle energy exchanges that inform the level of trust and openness. Dave is gifted at "meeting" horses and humans where they are at both emotionally and physically, allowing for creativity and fun and a deeper connection. These experiences can be profoundly healing as they work together to breakthrough limiting ideas and behaviors.



Dave Braham
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