Canine Chiropractic

How do you know if your dog is in pain? 

Does he wince when you pet him?  Does he limp or walk on 3 legs?  Has he had surgery in the past? Did he tear his ACL? Does he have arthritis?  Does he do extreme sports like hunting, or agility?  Does he walk a little funny or is his gait uneven?  Is it difficult to go up or down stairs?  Is it difficult to get up or down?  Does he have spine or disc pain?  All these things mean that he could benefit from chiropractic.  Everyone uses their bodies incorrectly and dogs are no exception.  They can get injured when they work and play hard. Canine Slideshow

What can chiropractic treat?

  •  Muscle pain and asymmetry
  • SI injury
  • Neck, back, tail pain
  • Arthritis
  • TMJ, problems chewing
  • Acute or Chronic Lameness
  • ACL tear compensations
  • Movement issues after surgery
  • Altered movement patterns
  • Disc herniations
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