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Organic Growing Articles

Summer of Decisions: The State of Health Freedom 2007 - Natural Solutions Foundation Analysis
A series of international and US government actions at the end of 2006 and beginning of 2007 have put Health Freedom of Choice -- with regards to Organic Standards, Nutrients, Traditional Remedies and Leading Edge Alternatives -- in greater jeopardy than any time since the adoption of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA). Thus, the Summer of 2007 has become a Summer of Decision for health freedom activists. ...more
Proof Bees Dying From GM Crops?
5-12-7 LONDON (AFP) - Research by a leading German zoologist has shown that genes used to genetically modify crops can jump the species barrier, newspapers reported here on Sunday. ...more
One Planet Agriculture
"The right sustainable farming methods could take us half way toward the carbon reduction we need to save the planet," Soil Association's Chairman, Craig Sams, told the One Planet Agriculture conference, explaining that enlightened organic farming can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and will increase the amount of carbon captured in the soil....more
Plant for the Planet
A billion trees planted by the end of the year--that is the aim of the 2007 Plant for the Planet: Billion Tree Campaign. ...more
The Biology of Composting
While "germs" and bacteria have earned a negative reputation for causing disease, microorganisms are essential to the natural process of decay and perform the healthful and beneficial service of decomposing dead organic matter and converting it into plant nutrients. The earth would be cluttered with the bodies of dead plants and animals.. ...more
Thirteen Common Myths of Composting
This is great information about backyard composting ...more
14 important facts about Lawns. Download a Word Doc Version: General Lawn Facts ...more
13 facts about Health and the Lawn. Download a Word Doc Version:Health & The Lawn ...more
Great information about lawns and the enviroment: Soil, Water and Air. Download a Word Doc Version: Lawns and The Environment ...more
Great tips for an Organic Lawn. Download a Word Version: 10 Essential Tips for A Natural Lawn ...more
The Soil Food Web Gardening Rules
Here are the 20 Soil Food Web Gardening Rules...
A mysterious decimation of bee populations has German beekeepers worried, while a similar phenomenon in the United States is gradually assuming catastrophic proportions. The consequences for agriculture and the economy could be enormous. ...more
The mysterious deaths of the honeybees
Honeybee colony collapse drives price of honey higher and threatens fruit and vegetable production. ...more
Beneficial Insects to Plants
Almost none of the insects that you'll come across in the garden are harmful to you or your plants. 
Plant Disease Symptoms and Causes
What you see
Leaves mottled or discolored
Other Beneficial Critters
Insects aren't the only beneficial creatures in your garden. 
Attracting Beneficial Insects
You can entice beneficials to frequent your yard and garden by providing them with the three basic necessities: water, food, and shelter.
Common Plant Problems
This article listed several common problems for plants...
Plant Disease Look - Alikes
Although plants can adapt to many different  environments, they all have certain conditions that they need to grow their best.
Common Signs and Symptoms of Plant Disease
Unhealthy plants have special distress signals that let you know when pathogens have attacked. 
Diagnosing Disease Problems
Like most garden problems,plant diseases are easiest to control if you catch them early. But unlike insect pests, pathogens are generally too small to see without magnification.
Noninfectious Diseases

Plant Damage & Poosible Causes
Listed in the article are several types of damages and the possible causes of those damages.
So what is the big deal about pH in the Soil?
We keep hearing it, keep the soil pH between 6.5 and 7.0 for most vegetable crops. But what are the consequences if our garden soil strays outside those boundaries? ...more
Nutrient Availability
All of the nutrients in the soil aren't free floating, amorphous bodies just waiting to be sucked in by a hungry plant root. There's an intricate choreography going on all the time in which nutrients are changed from forms that are acceptable to plants into forms that can be readily assimilated. ...more
Basic Soil Types
It is important for you to understand the characteristics of the soil you've got to work with, for its physical composition determines to a large degree how early in the season you can plant and whether your growing crops will receive enough water and air at root level. It is very good to remember HEALTHLY SOIL=HEALTHY PLANTS ...more
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