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About Us

Blue Star Equiculture™ is located at Burgundy Brook Farm in Palmer, Massachusetts.

Homeless Horses

What we do

Blue Star Equiculture™ is a working horse rescue and sanctuary committed to helping horses, humans and Mother Earth. In concert with the community, we help working horses live out their days in comfort and dignity...and help humans connect with, care for and be better partners to horses and Mother Earth.

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Pamela & Christina driving carriage

Who we are

Blue Star Equiculture™ is a vision born out of the hearts of like-minded individuals who feel the need to respond to the current, increasingly dire situation facing homeless horses, especially working draft horses.

Blue Star Equiculture™ is an all-volunteer non-profit organization. Everyone involved has committed their time and resources to help the horses have the best healthcare, food, shelter, and love possible.

Blue Star Equiculture™ was co-founded in January 2009 by Pamela Rickenbach and Christina Hansen. They have surrounded themselves with a talented team of advisors, supporters, and volunteers.

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Success Stories

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Horse grazing at Burgundy Brook Farm

Burgundy Brook Farm

Blue Star Equiculture™ is located on a 129-acre farm along Rt. 181 in Palmer, Massachusetts, at the confluence of the Ware and Swift Rivers. In addition to our beautiful horse pastures, the farm has plenty of room for us to cultivate several organic crops as well as producing alfalfa hay.

The farm also features an independently-run restaurant, Burgundy Brook Country Store.

See photos of our facilities and learn more about Burgundy Brook here.

Pulling up to the gas station


Blue Star Equiculture™ is 501(c)3 tax-exempt public charity incorporated with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Blue Star Equiculture™ is affiliated with professional organizations, such as the Massachusetts Farm Bureau and the Carriage Operators of North America.

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