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7/20/2011 BSE Volunteer Picnic

Here are the photos from the Blue Star Equiculture annual picnic. Please add your comments below the photos.


July 20th, second annual picnic. It was hot and muggy and we were all tired but we pulled it together with a little help from our friends.

We could not exist without our volunteers, and since we are all volunteers for the horses, the horses couldn't make it without all of us. For those of us that live on the farm having help in these moments makes all the difference and we always want to make sure to let our friends know that they are loved and appreciated beyond what any words could describe.

The children who volunteer here are some of the most special kids alive! Some of them are with us since the beginning in 09. They are growing up handling and caring for a whole herd of all kinds of horses. They are bound to become great horsemen and women and we are so proud.

We ate good food, swam in the beautiful 3 rivers, laughed and relaxed together.  We even had Huey Khan visit with us to help eat some of the good food around, he was with his Amy would continues to assist him in his long recovery of his god given gifts. She has been with him now for nearly 2 years, devoted to his well-being.

Every year is different in what we are working with, but mostly it stays the same. Humble happy people doing some good for the horses in need in their community!

We are all blessed.

7/20/2011 BSE Volunteer Picnic Photos

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