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Pamela Rickenbach's Bio

Pictures of Pamela I had the good fortune to spend a great deal of my life in the Bolivian Amazon, along with time in the Peruvian and Bolivian Andes. My life in South America with the people and the earth greatly shaped me into the person I am today. I care deeply about Mother Earth and my human family. I have come to understand Horses as ancient helpers to humankind on our road to arriving at our shared destiny of creating Peace on Earth. 

The years I drove as carriage driver and tour guide in the National Park in Philadelphia are some of my happiest. Not only did I fall in love with this country through learning the details of the founding of our country, I fell more deeply in love with horses. Everywhere you go in early America, their hoof prints are right alongside us. Their stories are woven together with ours, creating a shared tapestry of hard work, pain, hope and inspiration and love.

This horse/human relationship is ancient and can be traced back as far as the dawn of civilization. Horses began to have great meaning to me. Not only did my love deepen for them but my respect grew enormously. My relationship with the horses in Philadelphia was life-changing. It was extraordinary to work day in and day out with an equine partner in one of the biggest, most historic cities in the world...a city built with horses. The stable I worked at, 76 Carriage Co, was home to an urban herd of happy, well adjusted, contented horses...with something to do and someone to do it with.

One of the horses in the 76 Carriage Co. stable to whom many of us owe so much got sick and needed a home (You can read Bud's story here ... That is when I felt inspired to create something sustainable for the retired and working horses in need. I approached friends, and together we established Blue Star Equiculture. BSE has since grown into a young and important mission making a real difference for working horses in need everywhere. It is truly a collective work of gratitude and love. These days, many of the early founders have left to carry on with their lives. Their contribution has helped lay the foundation for something rare and wonderful to grow.

My role is to facilitate an opportunity for folks to get to know the working horses better. Everyday our network and circle grows, connecting working horse people with people who have a sincere desire to understand and learn more about contributions that horses have made and can still make in our lives. 

Very Sincerely,
Pamela Rickenbach

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