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In Memoriam

"We kept him until he died...and sat with him during the long last minutes when a horse comes closest to seeming human." ~CJJ Mullen

Blue Star Equiculture is grateful for the time that we shared with these horses.  They have left hoof prints on our hearts.

Blue Star Equiculture horses are only humanely euthanized, and humane euthanasia is only used when the Board of Directors decides, in consultation with a veterinarian, that a horse's health will not improve to a quality of life that is free of pain and able to be enjoyed.  All of our horses are buried with dignity on the property.


BudBud was a retired carriage horse from Philadelphia. Bud is our mascot at Blue Star Equiculture.  More about Bud...






CashFew of Blue Star’s horses have had quite as dramatic an entrance as Cash. Facebook friends may have followed his arrival and gaped at the picture of Cash emerging from the mist and rain over the ocean near Cape Cod on his own private ferry. Read more about Cash...







Charlie-DanielRest In Peace October 17, 2011

Charlie-Daniel arrived July 21.2010, the same day as his best friend Carter, whom he met on the truck from Pennsylvania where they were each on turnout.  He worked for 15 years in New York City giving rides in Central Park. More about Charlie-Daniel...




ClaptonClapton is a true workhorse!  He is a 35-year-old Thoroughbred, who raced in the1970s.  Afterwards, he found his calling as a lesson horse, teaching countless children how to ride.  The barn where he used to live didn't have room for Clapton once he could no longer give lessons full time, so he came to Blue Star to enjoy the retirement he has earned.  More about Clapton...


MaddieMarch 6, 2010 was a somber day. We buried our beloved Maddie out in the edge of the alfalfa fields overlooking the pastures and forests bordering on the two rivers. We are sad, but so grateful that we had the time we did together. We shared tears, and words and even sang a song for her crossing.  Maddie was a Clydesdale mare in her teens, rescued from an auction and turned over to Blue Star Equiculture when her rescuers couldn't take care of her. Read more about Maddie...


MikeMike was a retired carriage horse from 76 Carriage Company in Philadelphia in his early to mid 20s.  When he arrived in Philadelphia, he already had degenerative arthritis in his knees.  After 5 years in working in Philadelphia, Mike's knees had proceeded to the point that he needed to retire.  He arrived at Blue Star Equiculture in April of 2009 and became fast friends with Jesse.  Cupcake loved to play with him, and Mike enjoyed his retirement so thoroughly he would occasionally even canter with his playmate.  Still, the arthritis continued its inexorable progress.  In August 2010, unable to keep Mike comfortable, Blue Star made the decision for him to be humanely euthanized.   More about Mike...


PumpkinPumpkin is a spotted Belgian draft cross who came to us because she's allergic to pine trees. She used to live with her family on Cape Cod, but all there is on the cape are pine trees! Pumpkin loves little kids and is a well-mannered lady whether in harness or under saddle. She is also almost completely blind. More about Pumpkin...




MilliMilli is a 30-year-old Norwegian Fjord Horse.  She is an unusual "white dun" color.  She was born in Norway and imported to the United States when she was eight years old.  She was living with Kai and several other rescued Fjord Horses until her owner could no longer physically take care of them.  More about Milli...





TomTom was a retired carriage horse from 76 Carriage Company in Philadelphia.  Many years ago, Tom must have had a flare up of lymphangitis in his hind leg.  His owners got rid of him as a result and he wound up in Philadelphia working full-time as a carriage horse, probably the best thing that could have been done for him to manage his chronic lymphedemic condition.  Still, over the years, the lymph flare-ups took their toll on Tom's leg, building up scar tissue and breaking down his lymph and circulatory system.   His leg became unsightly, so he was forced to retire.  He came to Blue Star Equiculture and enjoyed over a year of retirement, before the lymphedema reached the point that Tom's quality of life required him to be euthanized.  More about Tom...

Tony B.

Tony B.Tony B. is a grand ol' man! At 31 years of age, he's been out of work for more than 6 years. Eager to please and to work when he arrived at Blue Star, it soon became clear that Tony's age was catching up with him and he is now retired. Tony B. was donated to Blue Star Equiculture by John Conkey, of Conkey Lumber Company. More about Tony B...




ZookieZookie is a 34-year-old Appaloosa who came to Blue Star Equiculture because his owner could not find a suitable retirement home for him.  Zookie has Cushings disease, and all he really wants is a nice stall of his own, and the freedom to use it as he needs.  He has blossomed at Blue Star and is teaching his long-time owner's kids how to ride.  More about Zookie...

Zookie's care in his golden years is provided, as it has always been, by Lisa.

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