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Driving Draft Horse Teams - 2 Day Workshop Photos

Below are photos from the 1st and 2nd day of the Driving Draft Horse Teams 2 day workshop, 8/6 & 8/7/2011.  If you are interested intaking this workshop, there are a few opening available for the 8/27 & 8/28/2011 workshop. Click Here for more information

After you look at the photos, if you want to make a comment, there's a comment forum on the buttom of this page.

Here's what one student has said about our 8/6 & 8/7/2011 workshop:

Now that I have had time to think about the Draft Driving Workshop on August 6 & 7 that I attended, here is my assessment:
  1. The class met all of my expectations based on the class description.  It was everything I expected.
  2. The written materials were relevant.  The diagrams were helpful and helped clear up some questions I had before the class even started.
  3. The instructors were more than happy to answer our questions and made sure we understood before moving on to the next topic.
  4. The horses, although very tall, were excellent to work with.  They were very hot as were we but they never gave us a hard time.
  5. The wagons were great but some had a problem with heights and the hitch wagon.  My feet did not touch the floor on the hitch wagon so I had to scoot up to the edge of the seat to feel secure in it.
  6. The training grounds were adequate but I tired of the same scenery.  Maybe it was the sun and the heat.  I was looking for some shade.
  7. The lunch and the manner it was handled was great.  Nice to sit and talk with each other.  Especially the second day under the shade tree.
  8. I felt safe for the most part, just the height of the hitch wagon really kept me awake and paying attention.  I never felt in danger around the horses at all.
  9. I am recommending this class and Bluestar Equiculture to all my friends interested in driving a practical team as opposed to showing and flashy.
  10. You may use my photo and any of my comments as you wish.

Driving Draft Horse Teams - 2 Day Workshop - 1st day 8/6/2011 Photos

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Driving Draft Horse Teams - 2 Day Workshop - 2nd day 8/7/2011 Photos

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