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Remembering Who We Are...At Blue Star, we honor this ancient partnership and take full responsibility for being part of a culture that has benefited greatly by their service.

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Blue Star Equiculture is featured prominently in Viridian Energy's sustainability report for this year.  We are proud to be recognized as Viridian's top non-profit fund raiser.  Please contact us to learn how your non-profit can start benefiting with recurring monthly income today.  Click the link below to sign up your own account and help "green the electic grid", save money over time AND help BSE with recurring monthly residual income.  
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BSE - official NYC carriage-horse retirement home.

All horses are beautiful.  A horse working happily in harness is especially beautiful.

Blue Star Equiculture encourages everyone who appreciates the beauty of a working horse to stop and let that horse's driver and anyone nearby that that horse is a "BEAUTIFUL HORSE!"

The "Beautiful Horse" campaign was started by Blue Star Equiculture in response to the singer Pink, who famously opined that the New York City carriage horses were somehow being abused (for a refutation of this spurious claim, click here) and that anyone who saw a horse-drawn carriage should stop and yell "ANIMAL CRUELTY" at the top of their lungs.  Despite a lack of any evidence of cruelty - indeed, folks who agree with Pink believe that the very act of wearing harness constitutes "cruelty" - the practice of rolling down a car window or zipping past on a bike and screaming "ANIMAL CRUELTY" gained a sizeable following across the country. Carriage drivers, suffering from the strain of being called animal abusers day in and day out, continually get battered by this form of emotional abuse. This strategy espoused by Pink and other animal rights activists is not to tell the truth, but rather to use labels, such as "cruelty" and "abuse," to alienate carriage horse owners and to provoke carriage drivers to react angrily (the activists, having prodded carriage drivers to respond negatively through hurtful and hateful treatment, then turn around and ask "Why are you being so defensive?  You must have something to hide!" when the carriage driver is merely insisting on the truth - that they do not abuse their horses, whom they love like family).

Blue Star believes that we can change the toxic atmosphere anti-carriage-horse groups have worked hard to create.  By making a sign and holding it near where carriage horses are working and holding a pro-carriage-horse rally, by making it popular to shout "Beautiful Horse!" in appreciation of getting to see such a magnificent animal at work, by saying "Thank you!" to a hard working horselover for bringing his or her horse to work, we can change the culture.  We can make it normal to appreciate a Beautiful Horse in harness.

This is an easy thing to do.  It's a HAPPY thing to do.  So the next time you see a carriage horse, yell "Beautiful Horse!"

Please read for more info on this developing potential disaster:

For the direct information from those living in this nightmare:

Who will speak for the Carriage Horses? Jon Katz e-book

For our position on the working horses and their humans in NYC:

Moon, our beautiful and worthy new resident....   Moon, our beautiful and worthy new resident....


To support our work and Moon and her 31 other herdmates please go to! Just think of what would get done for REAL horses in need with just a fraction of the millions that are given to NYCLASS!

To become a part of the integral day to day, week to week, month to month and year to year sustainability of Moon and her herdmates please consider Joining the Herd! Every equine rescue in America needs it's community and a consistent monthly income to do the very expensive work of caring for our horses in need! Join the Herd to whoever or wherever REAL horses in need are cared for!

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